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Vitamin B12

It’s one of most important nutrients the body needs to maintain proper health, but for many people it’s not easy to get adequate amounts of B12 through diet alone

Employee Wellness. We Deliver

We deliver professional health services onsite at your company and in our office. Tadda’s Total Wellness is a company specializing in wellness Services

Biometric Screening

Biometric Screenings determine potential medical problems and are a vital component in any wellness programs.  They identify health risks due to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors

Our Services

Vitamin Injections

● Methyl – B12

● Super B (Lipotropic)

● Super B Extreme(Lipotropic)

Biometric Screenings

● Lipid Panel (Cholesterol)

● Glucose

● Blood Pressure

● Blood Type

● Height/Weight Measurements

● Waist Circumference

● Body Mass Index

● Body Composition

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