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Our Services

Vitamin Injections

●      Methyl – B12

●      Super B (Lipotropic)

●      Super B Extreme(Lipotropic)

Biometric Screenings

●      Lipid Panel (Cholesterol)​

●      Blood Pressure

●      Blood Type

●      Height/Weight Measurements

●      Waist Circumference

●      Body Mass Index

●      Body Composition​

●      3D  Wellness Scan

Tadda’s Total Wellness offers on-site and in-office vitamin injections and biometric screenings that promote optimal health and productivity.   We administer Methyl-B12 and Super B injections that energize and also do biometric screenings that help identify health risks. Our mission is to businesses and individuals keep their healthcare budgets under control by proactively improving health, wellness and quality of life.

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