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Tadda’s Total Wellness  offers on-site and in-office vitamin injections and biometric screenings that promote optimal health and productivity. We administer Methyl-B12 and Super B injections that energize and also do biometric screenings that help identify health risks. 

Just give us a call, and we’ll get you started. Or, if you’re like to start an injection regimen of your own, stop by our office during business hours — no appointment necessary.

About Us

Who we are 

LaTasha Lewis Registered Nurse/Owner has 24 years experience as a Registered Nurse, LaTasha has worked in various emergency rooms and intensive care units as a ER Manager and Nurse Educator. She has hands-on experience with treating the devastating effects of acute, chronic, and vaccine-preventable illnesses. This is why our primary services focus on prevention or protection from these diseases. Tadda’s Total Wellness was founded by LaTasha in 2008 and she has led operations ever since. She believes in having a close knit, family-like relationship with her customers and attends many of the on-site clinics herself. It is her dedication to keep you well!

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